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The intimate involvement in real estate has been a tread in my life since childhood. I developed an enthusiastic passion for real estate from my father, a local real estate residential and commercial developer. In addition to instilling in me the pragmatic considerations of real estate, I was also given the opportunity of seeing what friendly, unparalleled client service means to customers. Excellent customer service means everything!

Being a future homeowner is a pivotal under taking for anyone. It can be a life-changing experience that may demonstrate your future possibilities in a much brighter light. That is why the overall Big Picture of homeownership is about YOU and your family, not the real estate agent. You are embarking on possibly the most important purchase of your life, and at times, this endeavor can be a little challenging.

Therefore, together with you, as a real estate advisor my purpose is to make your road to homeownership, as favorable as possible and address those challenges in a swift and satisfied manner, for all concerned.

I hope to meet you one day, shake your hand, meet your family, and pet your dog, and then chat a bit about your future, and where you would like it to be.


A commitment to the needs of clients is paramount to the success of any good real estate professional.

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Do you have any specific questions about my real estate services? I can help you buy or sell your home with a comprehensive strategy designed for you.